The dream

The People

In the emerging change-maker society, the path from idea to result is shorter than ever before. At Værøy Lufthavn we will contribute to nurturing this idea and support its growth from a seed to a solution. From the moment the idea for a project is conceived, its relative impact on nature and sustainability component will be respected throughout the process. We want to create an inclusive and transparent community for co-creation and conservation. Most importantly, sustainability should be fun and healthy! The projects will be supported by a community culture of healthy eating, recreation and natural living.

This is why the most valuable asset in Værøy is the island itself: the nature and its people. In our projects, our collective aim is to create a positive environmental impact and maintain a sustainable ecological footprint.

Our community consists of… The board…


The initial investment in the idea and our community will go towards creating our main structure, which will house the project workrooms and learning functions. This building will be the main platform for gathering the community, travelers, students and organizations in a creative and recreational space. The infrastructure will include facilities for larger groups to stay over a longer time so we can hold longer workshops and retreats. We will then open for individual initiatives to apply for project support, residencies or work space under the wings of the Værøy Lufthavn platform.

We want to contribute to Værøy by:

  • Educating ourselves and future change-makers by sharing knowledge
  • Making creative and economic exchanges with the local community
  • Providing a space for experimentation in sustainability
  • Bringing back old traditions while nurturing a new global culture
  • Making the environment more resilient as a result of our efforts
  • Finding local solutions to global challenges.