The dream

The Project

Our vision is to become a future-oriented platform for sustainability and innovation. Playing off of the themes of co-creation and environmental conservation, we want to use this space to come together to create local solutions to global challenges.

A deep respect and reverence for nature is at the core of our work. We believe that uniting people from different fields and working together immersed in this breathtaking environment will inspire new thinking and may spark a positive change on a larger scale.

Værøy Lufthavn will inspire and support similar initiatives around the world, working to provide solutions while cheering on fellow change-agents. By staying focused on the local human resources and to business ecology, we will also be able to contribute to shaping new and exciting local employment opportunities.

Based on our Nordic take on respect for nature, entrepreneurship, technological advancement and liberal education models, we can make Værøy Lufthavn a laboratory for sustainable innovation.

What we are constructing

Lufthavna will consist of 20 private apartments, some free-standing structures, others connected to the main structure which includes: workspace, dining facilities, art workshops and the Northern Light observatory.

We plan to build a unique site that contributes to and complements the breathtaking environment. A modern, Scandinavian, clean design with a touch of Norse mythology. We aim to combine the simplicity of the traditional Norwegian mountain cabin with modern quality and sustainable design.

Several smaller cabins for accommodation, either detached and fitting nicely into the surroundings, or attached to the main construction. Some of them will have beds with a view of the night sky, bringing our visitors even closer to nature.

The main building will have a different multipurpose workrooms, such as: adaptable studios for sound design and photography, a larger conference room/utility room and an engineering workshop for creating prototypes etc. using digital and/or physical tools. A professional kitchen and dining area will create a space where visitors and locals can enjoy good food and drinks.

For health and wellness we will build a sauna where guests can enjoy the exhilaration of tingling fingers and toes as they alternate between the steaming wood fire and taking a dip in the Arctic ocean.

A Northern Light observatory is to be constructed on top of the main building, resembling the old air-traffic control tower, and built as a glass dome. Here, our guests will be able to enjoy the breathtaking 360° panorama of the awesome mountain ridge and ocean coastline, while the Aurora Borealis magically floats above, across the dark skies during the winter months.