We are creating a user-driven residency program where individuals or groups will have the possibility of a place to stay and work on their separate projects for various periods of time.

Participants will be able to live in shared or private apartments. The facilities will consist of living quarters, multi-functional work rooms, studios, practical workshop, conference rooms, a professional kitchen, a northern light observatory and a sauna.

In addition to our facilities, the island offers the experience of several rare natural phenomena. The Maelstrom is one of the world’s strongest and most consistent tidal forces, where the fabled Captain Nemo met his end. The Midnight sun and Northern Lights have already been mentioned, as also the extreme weather conditions giving the island its name

In order to be eligible for our residency program, the participants must fulfil certain criteria and will be carefully selected by a panel. We welcome projects with educational purposes, projects of sustainable development, and various types of arts and technological industry.

The establishment and its residence will promote development of Værøy by contributing with presentations, working in the community or by leaving something of their work behind for the residence of the municipality to enjoy or learn form.

The Værøy Lufthavn community will also work towards inspiring sustainable tourism practices on the site and in our projects. All visitors are encouraged to consider their personal impact on the surrounding nature and contribute to Værøy’s own environmental initiatives.

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