Johan Bauer Gjestland

It's no secret that Værøy Lufthavn loves hi-tech, and we have quite a few game developers as shareholders. The first to actually stay and work on the lot is Johan Bauer Gjestland. He is working on a meditative bird flying game called Fugl, where you fly through procedurally generated voxel worlds without any goal or timers.

Johan is staying at Værøy Lufthavn for two weeks, and says he gets inspired by the changing lights, weather and especially the peace of the location: "The silence and solitude really helps my focus and since I work remotely in a team currently spread out from Japan to USA, I feel right in the center here!".

Fugl is available on Early Access on Steam. For more information about this project, go to the Fugl web page.

If you're interested in going to Værøy on a residency, or rent a space, send us a message!