Værøy is a truly spectacular place to be in the summertime. The midnight sun over the horizon of the ocean, with iconic black mountains sticking out of it, is what will get me through the winter this year.

Mosken. Photo by: Johan Gjestland

When you first arrive at Værøy you get an abundance of energy, and the first couple of days are spent wondering if you have to sleep at all. But the massive energy of the place and nature finally calms you down, and gives you peace of mind. This honesty with yourself is inherent in the local inhabitants of the island, and gives room for wonderful talks and a great community. It also gives an honest creative force, where you channel your energy into the project you really want to do.

Chill out rock. Photo by: Stine Erdal

Thanks to a productive spring, with a successful Crowdfunding campaign and several new members on the team, we now have the funding to start our dream. This summer we have dismantled our old, useless bathroom, dug for foundation drainage and started fixing up the containers that will house our sauna. We had inspiring initiative and help from Alex and Adrian who live on the island. Fortunately for us, Fritz Ottar was kind enough to help us with the plumbing for the whole house. We will be back in September to finish the job with the bathroom. The kitchen will also be renovated, making it possible for us to cook for many more.

Fixing up the future sauna. Photo By: Stine Erdal

Exciting things are happening all over the island! Some truly lovely ladies have just opened up a really cool bar in the city center called Lofoten Pub 1. So check it out if you find yourself at Værøy this fall. The lighthouse is being remodeled to house a café, studio and exhibition space. We hope to further collaborate with these local entrepreneurs in their unique spaces.

Hard working team. Photo by: Johan Gjestland

Plans are under development for our coming projects, so stay tuned!

Stine Erdal Team Værøy Lufthavn